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Patrice Lorenz

“Winter reveals the forest. Stripped of foliage and finery its bones are bared. Hives hang high in the branches of the trees. Fragile but resilient, womb-like but barren, harkening the spring.

My current body of work is inspired by the writings of John Burroughs, the naturalist and Catskill native. The following lines are borrowed from In The Catskills, a book of essays published in 1871." PL

"What a severe yet Master artist winter is! How stern the woods look, dark and cold and as rigid against the horizon as iron. Winter gives the bone and sinew, summer the tissues and blood.” 

Patrice Lorenz earned an MA from Albany State University, NY. She incorporates drawing, painting and printmaking into her daily studio practice in both Brooklyn and upstate New York. Creating in collaboration with other artists has been a thread running though her career. In 2005 she co-founded the Longyear Gallery in Margaretville and ADOHC Projects in 2017. She has exhibited at the New Museum, NY and in numerous East Village galleries and has taught at several leading art institutions. Her extensive exhibition history reflects her longstanding affiliations with alternative, non-profit and artist-run arts organizations. 

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