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Parker Manis

Parker Manis’ work explores the tradition of image-making and the space between the mediums of painting and photography. Using photographic materials and processes as parameters, he incorporates methods of painting into a process that results in a hybrid of these two image-making traditions, shifting the work towards a state of non-objective photography. Dyes and pigments are impregnated into resin coated papers, designed to create an illusion of depth to draw the viewer in. The use of emulsion corrosion to disrupt the surface serves as an impediment to the clarity of viewership, and is intended to suggest the process of flux and change through life’s trials and errors. The works serve both as art object and mirror in which the viewer can see themself. They are exercises in considering states of personal clarity and the intangibles of self awareness.


Parker Manis was born in Columbus, GA. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design (2003-2007) and the Politecnico di Milano (2006-2007). Most recently, his work has been shown at Alfa Gallery in Miami and Equity Gallery in NYC. He currently lives and works in the Catskill Mountains, NY as an artist and visual concept designer in retail design, furniture, and fragrance design. 

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