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Jeff Quinn

"My work reflects the intersection of time, place, poetry, memory, interior landscapes and history. It draws deeply on nature, as well as a strong interest in an ongoing dialogue with art throughout time. It is driven by curiosity and chance. 


This particular body of work , including the circular “Portal” paintings, is an attempt to capture moments in time where a subtle turbulence meets the serene. Loosely drawing on both the Northern European romantic landscape painters of the mid nineteenth century ( Caspar David Friedrich, Joseph Turner, Albert Bierstadt ) as well as the American Hudson River School painters ( Frederic Church, Asher B. Durand, Thomas Moran ) and their interest in the sublime. 


These paintings are my attempts to create invented, encapsulated worlds intended to evoke wonder, majesty and mystery. They reflect on the nature of time, solitude, what is lasting and eternal versus what is fleeting and ephemeral. They are also about the poetry of nature itself. These works are meant to be seen over time, revealing their mystery slowly." JQ  

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