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Gianni Notarianni

UK-based Gianni Notarianni’s forest series was inspired by a residency in Ontario. At a turning point in his life (from monk to painter) he found, in the forests outside Toronto, a visual equivalent to his interior journey. His work is a contemplative meditation of the visual world; an exploration of the luminous and transcendent in the patterns and rhythms of nature. The forest paintings are a play between the micro and macro levels of landscape, the focus on detail builds to a fuller visual experience. 

Notarianni received a BA from the University of Brighton in 1997 and an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2009. In his previous role, spanning twenty years as an Augustinian monk and priest, he was the founder and director of Austin Forum. The aim of the organization was to facilitate a dialogue between contemporary art and religion through exhibitions and lectures. Gianni Notarianni now paints full time in his London studio. 

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