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Ariel Bullion Ecklund

Ariel Bullion Ecklund (b.1969) is a multi-disciplinary artist working in ceramics, photography and works on paper. Her minimal and contemplative work is informed by architecture and interior spaces, form and line, light and shadow. Her hand built sculptural pieces - both free standing and wall mounted - combine stoneware and porcelain with thread and wax. She is interested in the tension of the thread, the empty space that is created and the shadows that are produced by the meditative wrapping technique. Her photographic work varies in approach. Often, it is a study of formal elements taken with a Polaroid camera. Other times, she works with a narrative assemblage of mixed media. 


“Breathing Room has multiple reference points. My intention when making work is to create a space for quiet contemplation and self-reflection, for both myself and the viewer. The work represents the act of creating control and order out of chaos, mending wounds, and the manifestation of stability and strength. Personal histories are revealed and humor is found in mundane experiences.” ABE


Ecklund holds a BFA in Art Photography from the School of Visual and Performing Arts and a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies, both from Syracuse University. She lives and works in Ithaca, NY

Breathing Room

April 20 - May 19 2024

Opening Reception: April 20, 2pm - 6pm


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