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Marie Vickerilla

“Each of my paintings start the same way with simple mark making and application of color across the surface, but they each end as something quite different. I work with a variety of layered materials; paint, paper, wax, photographs and other ephemera. I use sanders and scrapers to disrupt areas across the surface, then layer again, and so on, a process by which my paintings are built. I let the painting tell me where to go and when to stop; I find a path to follow within the work." MV


Marie Vickerilla is an abstract painter whose work has an affinity with sculpture. There is an archeology to her process of construction and excavation. By adding and then removing layers she is rediscovering earlier work across the painting and watching as new areas emerge and play against one another. The works, that are constructed and revised over many months, read like maps and divulge the story of their making.

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