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Ann Lee Fuller

Ann Lee Fuller is a studio painter. Stylistically her work is a combination of the literal and the abstract. Her imagined sky and landscapes, painted in oils, are drawn from memory and experiences of different environments. She writes: “The works continue to be inspired by the intrinsic abstraction of the sky with its unique moments of light, layer, and color. For me, the sky acts as metaphor for time, and my aim is to capture feelings of longing, promise, and the passage of time. There is a melancholic appeal in its transient beauty.”


Fuller received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Keuka College, NY. She went on to study illustration and design at the Corcoran College of Art in Washington DC and digital painting at the Pratt Center for Computer Graphics in New York. She pursued a career in graphic design, eventually becoming Vice President and Director of Design at Fulton & Partners and Design Director of ID Magazine in New York. She went on to found Fuller Design Inc. Her work has been cited for excellence by the Society of Illustrators, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the New York Times, Communication Arts Magazine and the New York Art Directors Club, among others. She has exhibited widely across the United States and her work is in numerous private collections. 

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