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Steve Burnett

“As a farmer here in our mountains, and as a grandchild of farmers in Iowa, this idealized image captures one of the many moments lost to the day. They say, if you don’t re-think a memory after several years, it’s gone. This work is part of a series that brings back forgotten stories and impressions made over 60 years ago. Drawing, as a language, seems to live in a place brain scientist haven’t studied yet.” 

Steve Burnett currently farms with his wife in Bovina NY. He owned a marketing/design business headquartered in NYC with offices in Zürich. Charlotte NC and Bangkok. He is a member of The Explorers Club, licensed to operate one man submarines, has numerous first ascents in climbing, survived a month long solo kayaking expedition in the Sea Of Cortez during hurricane season. He likes to hunt and fish and have people for dinner. He was an adjunct professor of design at the Pratt Graduate School for several years and cartoonist for the Catskill Mountain News. His talk show - The Evening Tickler - can be heard Sunday evenings at 6pm on WIOX. 

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