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Stephen Alexander Clark

Snow Tires, is a part of Stephen Alexander Clark’s on-going series reflecting on the passage of time, especially focusing on his surroundings and the traces of a past. In Clark’s paintings, familiar scenes of everyday items and places are interrupted and ‘layered’ with formal interventions such as gradients and painterly brushstrokes. There is an intentional push/pull of the figure-ground relationship that inhabits each work, functioning as a direct visual correlation for the idea of how the past and present affect one another. After moving to central New York in 2016, he has been heavily influenced by the local landscapes, cultures and histories. 

Stephen Alexander Clark earned his MFA, Painting from Maryland Institute College of Art, LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting and his BFA from Calvin University. He has exhibited nationally including at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects in NYC, 106 Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI, and the Chicken Box Gallery in Baltimore, MD. Clark lives and works in rural central New York State with his wife and three children. He is the Assistant Professor of Painting at SUNY Cortland. When not in the studio, he is usually splitting firewood for the winter. 

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