Archival fine art limited edition print of artwork by Erika Ehrman

From the series: "UN-SEEN".

Size: 20 x 16 inches (includes a white border). Edition of 20. Unframed


Following the death of her parents, Ehrman came across a box of family photographs spanning a period from the 1940s to the 1960s. The prints revealed scenes and portraits from the intriguing world her parents inhabited, an often glamorous, well-travelled life she knew only in parts from half-remembered anecdotes. In the same box she discovered a note from Man Ray to her mother and a message from the painter (and Picasso’s muse) Francois Gilot, addressed to her father. The shock of these discoveries led her to the question: “How do I not know these stories?”.


Prior to making this series, Ehrman’s work has been concerned with abstract shape and exuberant color blocking. Her proclivity for bold forms and intense color has found its way into these new paintings but now serve as punctuation against grainy black and white images. By enlarging her father’s original prints and selecting areas and figures to paint over, she sees the work as a collaboration with her parents, an exploration of her relationship with them and her estrangement from their past life. She is representing the ways they were unseen to her, as indeed she feels she was often unseen by them.

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