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Obiekwe "Obi" Okolo

Obiekwe "Obi" Okolo explores the world through the lens of his medium format film camera. “Speculator NY has become a special place to me. It's not a place where a lot of people who look like me find themselves. But time on Lake Whitaker at this cabin has brought some of the brightest moments of clarity. That morning in particular, photographing the stack of dry docked canoes, inspired a new body of work.” 

Okolo is a Nigerian American photographer, multimedia artist, and designer. He describes himself as product of two worlds - raised in both Lagos, Nigeria and San Antonio, Texas. His works, from an early career in architecture to his most current explorations in the written word and portraiture, are most concerned with "visually articulating the reconciling of humanity to itself and the world we inhabit". Obiekwe’s work has been displayed in various mediums, navigating disciplines such as portraiture, documentary photography, product design, and print. He has been profiled in the Washington Post and is a member of theTwelve collective. 

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