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David Young






Love, loathe or just plain perplexed? NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) are poised to become disrupters of art world norms. For some artists, NFTs are a lucrative way to generate income without loosing control of copyright, to collaborate with, and support their art world peers. For others, this digital trading space is the antithesis of a Keatsian notion of “truth and beauty”, the artist (perhaps in a garret) eschewing all for the integrity of the work. In the universe of NFTs, the inane GIFF is traded alongside a Hirst spot - and indeed may change hands for more money. How does this relate to our notions of “good taste”?  


For those who invest in NFTs, buying and selling can be akin to art collecting, amassing a trove of acquisitions or simply as a means to a financial end. It’s a new frontier, perhaps the democratization of art that empowers artists or the anti-art bogeyman of a capitalist society gone mad. 


In order to answer some of these question, as well as introduce our audience to the ways and means, artists and NFT adopters David Young and Noah Kalina will present a portal in this strange new world. Young will also be minting an NFT of a work from the "Winter Woods" series, currently on display at our group show "The Wood for the Trees". Click here for details

Noah Kalina: Noah Kalina was born and raised in Huntington, NY and attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Eight years ago he built a studio in Lumberland, New York where he is now based full time. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in numerous personal and public collections. His work has been commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art, Google, Gucci, and Disney, and he has made editorial work for The New York Times Magazine, Wired, and Dwell among many others. Noah has published two books, Bedmounds and Tiny Flock and was the main photographer for the international bestseller Cabin Porn. His ongoing (now over two-decades) self-portrait project, Everyday, was parodied on “The Simpsons."

Noah Kalina NFT link:

David YoungDavid Young has spent his entire career at the leading edge of emerging technologies. Throughout all of his work – from projects at the dawn of the web using early supercomputers, to contemporary global innovation and artistic initiatives, Young has been a champion for new forms of creativity and expression enabled by technology. He has an MA in visual studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, and a BA in computer science from the University of California. He has taught at the Art Center College of Design, CA and Parsons School of Design, NY. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. He lives and works in New York and Maine.

David Young NFT link:

Tickets are available above or maybe purchased in person from the gallery prior to the day of the event. Space will be limited and we advise early booking. We will be serving wine and non-alcoholic refreshments. 

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