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Melissa Murray

"Midnight's Last Stand" is a new series of paintings that are created in response to my extended time spent in the forests of upstate NY. The work explores my relationship with nature, domesticity and loss, both physical and manifested. They are about making new spaces where there is no room, facing death while creating life, losing oneself through transformation. The structure and surrounding land in the series of paintings stem from my small cottage in the mountains. The house represents a living breathing entity in my life where I store emotionally charged objects. Midnight’s Last Stand portrays an homage to the symbolism of Vanitas, they are a collection of coded observations and a tribute to bonded relationships." MM

Melissa Murray has exhibited in the US and internationally, including Galerie SAS in Montreal, A.I.R. Gallery, Causey Contemporary, Lesley Heller Workspace, Nelson Macker Fine Art, Transmitter Gallery, Garis and Hahn and The Children’s Museum of the Arts, Wassaic Project, Art Port Kingston, Howe Gallery at Kean University in New Jersey, Heaven Gallery in Chicago, Every Woman Biennial, The Spring Break and Pulse Art Fairs in New York. Murray is amongst the artists included in 50 Contemporary Women Artists, forward by Elizabeth Sackler. She has recently concluded her solo show We Breathe In, We Breathe Out at Hawk & Hive Gallery in Andes NY.

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