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David Young

"Winter Woods (b59a,23376,13)”

Unique NFT (edition of 1) 

Reserve Auction begins April 9th 2022


The work is viewable here

The work will be sold as a Reserve Auction beginning on April 9th. Once the reserve is met, a 24-hour timed auction will begin. 

To bid in the auction you will need a SuperRare account and sufficient funds to cover your bid(s) in the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH). In general this involves:

1) Creating a CoinBase account, transferring US dollars to fund it, and then converting those dollars to ETH.

2) Setting up a MetaMask digital wallet as a browser plug-in.

3) Using the wallet to create an account on SuperRare.

4) Transferring ETH from CoinBase to the wallet. Once those steps are completed you will be able to bid in the auction.


This document walks through the specific steps to create an account with MetaMask and to fund the wallet

Please contact us if you need help with the setting up.

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