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Anna Ortiz

"I have had a long standing interest in landscape painting as a locus for reflecting on current events, my personal history and the potential for narrative in painting. Through my plein air painting practice I engage with painting from observation while interweaving my own imagination. By playing with spatial compression and a filtered palette, otherwise pastoral environments can embody uncanny and sometimes unsettling scenes. Taken as a whole, my paintings offer a purview into an invented world existing just slightly out of the realm of possibility. I invite viewers to consider the realities we create for ourselves and the possibilities that lie ahead." AO 

Anna Ortiz is a Mexican-American painter living in Brooklyn. Growing up in Worcester Massachusetts, Ortiz spent much of her childhood visiting her family in Guadalajara Mexico. There she studied painting with her grandfather Alfonso who was a professional portrait painter. Her love for painting and travel lead her to study in Paris at the Ecole du Louvre while in her undergraduate studies at Tufts and the Museum School. Ortiz continued her education at Tyler, receiving her MFA in painting in Philadelphia and Rome. Ortiz moved to New York in 2006. She has exhibited at Proto Gomez, Transmitter Gallery, TSA and Lesley Heller. 

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