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Alex Bingham

"This piece is part of a series of work using oil paint, marble dust, distressed polaroids and glue on canvas, and is about lost spaces. In the same way that we create gaps in our landscapes, our memories also shift with time. I wanted to explore what happens when one tries to break down the boundaries between representation and perception. A captured moment begins to fragment, images deteriorate, memory fades. Can we really hold on to the past or do the effects of time, both material and emotional, mean we have to accept that things keep moving, even when they are still." AB

Alex Bingham is a British artist who studied Mural Design at Chelsea School of Art London before moving to New York where she began to work in film and video. Bingham was art director and editor on the feature length documentary Don’t Blink - Robert Frank, as well as creating the collage for the poster. Her credits also include editorial for the Emmy nominated feature documentary The King, and Crime, Punishment and a Brazilian Supermax. She also art directed, edited and created the poster art for Windfall, filmed in Meredith, NY.  Windfall won top prize at Doc NYC and was screened around the world. 

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