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A.J. Mason

The tree motif in A.J. Mason’s work represents a sculpture he made from downed tree limbs and wire which was displayed at his studio for several years before being returned to the Catskill forest. For this series, Mason starts from a thumb print and performs “blind-pen-wanderings”, a 3-10 minute meditation-prayer, which ends when he opens his eyes and returns the line to the thumb. He describes the process as “a continuous and tactile path back to the Self”. The work is presented in a frame handmade by the artist from discarded wood.

A.J. Mason is a multi disciplinary artist with a cache of notable clients and collectors. Raised and educated in Illinois he moved to Upstate NY in 2015 and currently works from a converted carriage barn in the historic town of Bovina. Mason’s art practice exudes the historical significance of a shifting nation and its seasonal landscapes. His work is rooted in the natural world, the cycle and romanticism of decay and regeneration. 

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